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Are you struggling to let God in your heart because you don't have the time to devote to learning His Word? God's MIC is here to help.

Learn more about Eternal Life

When you call God's MIC, you can press 1 for an invitation to Eternal Life. In Christianity, Eternal Life traditionally refers to continued life after death, otherwise known as Heaven.

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When you call God's MIC, press 2 for a scripture that God's MIC reads to spread the message of the Lord so that you can be given the opportunity to know Him. Call God's MIC 24/7 at 888-463-5631 for your message.

God's MIC has been spreading God's word her entire life and wants nothing more than to help you learn more about Jesus Christ.

Contact God's MIC 24/7 to receive your FREE message:


Appreciate your quick reminder of God

God's MIC knows that people are busy so she has come up with a way to give you a fast and convenient reminder from God for FREE for less than 2 minutes.

Praying Praying Jesus is Our Living Water

For less than 2 minutes, you can receive God's message for FREE at 888-463-5631.

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