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How God's MIC Got Started

Welcome! My name is Julie, and the idea for God's MIC came to me as an inspiration from God. I once shared God's Word with someone who was in jail. I was preparing a mini teaching one particular morning and God showed me a vision of this young man listening through the phone and then tilting the phone to allow another inmate to listen too.


God then woke me up at 5:00 AM the next morning and told me to put together an 800 number and call the ministry, God's MIC. I didn't put it together until I spoke to a telephone representative who explained how a microphone connected to a computer could be transferred to a recording to an 800 number.


The phone representative was very excited about the whole idea and we both realized it was a divine appointment in the way we met.


God always covers all bases. I asked God to help me with the 800 number because I wasn't sure how to proceed. The 800 number combination would only work after I spoke to this young man and asked if he had any ideas for the 800 number. I had tried so many times but the first combination he tried worked.


The verse,  John 3:16, is so special to me. God inspired me to use the phone number 888-God-Jn3:16.

Julie is an ordained minister who has been spreading God's Word her entire life. She promises to keep it simple and never leave anyone behind.

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Julie Ehlert